About us

Production of polycrystalline silicon (PolySi) and monocrystalline silicon (MonoSi) at PJSC “Semiconductor plant” began in 1964 and has a long time-proven history. In 2008, ActivSolar GmbH started integrated program for PJSC “Semiconductor plant” upgrading. Innovation technologies combined with more then 40-years’ experience in the field became the basis for state-of-the art enterprise buildup.

PJSC “Semiconductor plant” is located in Zaporozhye, being the industrial area of Ukraine and possessing many advantages, such as: close proximity to feedstock supply, competitive price for electric power, skill availability. Silicon production at “Zaporozhye Titan and Magnesium Plant” (ZTMK) launched commercial production of IC-Grade silicon in 1964. In 2002 silicon production was separated from ZTMK and became an independent enterprise JSC “Semiconductor plant”, and later PJSC “Semiconductor plant”.

Our corporate team managed to retain and develop MonoSi production technology by Czochralski (CZ) and Float Zone (FZ). ZTMK was the most powerful and successful producer of IC-Grade silicon in the former USSR. Currently, having the capacities for PolySi production 2500 tons annually, we suspended the production of PolySi due to the situation in the world market but we have considerable feedstock of high-quality PolySi for the production of MonoSi by CZ and FZ.

Starting 2014, we have concentrated our efforts on IC-Grade MonoSi production. For the first six months 2014, we managed to increase the volume of production and sales 4 times. Having available capacities and substantial technological potential, we aim at the maximum expansion of MonoSi volumes of production and sales both by CZ and FZ. Currently, we produce MonoSi by CZ using all the available dopants (B, P, Sb, As) both high- and low-resistivity with the diameter up to 220 mm appropriate for semiconductor applications. In October 2014 we re-started FZ MonoSi production.

Available capacities for slim rods (filaments) production for CVD Siemens Reactors enable us to monthly produce up to 9 km of the filaments with the diameter 8-10 mm. We also prepared the equipment for silicon tubes production length 2200 mm, diameter up to 230 mm, and also for the production of MonoSi ingots for further special silicon items’ production (e.g. targets, filters, etc.).