For the production of monocrystalline silicon ingots and other silicon products our own high-purity feedstock is used. Integrated cycle of polycrystalline silicon production is established at our plant which includes:

  • TCS production and deep purification;
  • polycrystalline silicon deposition in Siemens CVD reactors;
  • crushing of polycrystalline silicon rods using special equipment;
  • automatic conveyor lines with buffer zones for polycrystalline silicon transporting;
  • special working places for polycrystalline chunks sorting;
  • automatic lines for polycrystalline chunks surface etching;
  • Polycrystalline chunks packing equipment;

Conveyor lines, working places for sorting, etching lines and polycrystalline chunks packing equipment are located in class 8 to6 clean rooms in accordance with ISO 14644-1. All equipment for TCS and polycrystalline silicon production was manufactured in Europe by world-known manufacturers.