Feed-rods (pedestals) for slim rods (filaments) production


characterizing range of pedestals parameters

Pedestals for slim rods production. This ingot is destined for further FZ pedestal growth of slim rods.
Item Parameter Unit Value
1 Growth method CZ
2 Crystallinity Polycrystalline / Monocrystalline
3 Diameter mm 42.5 - 150
4 Type / Dopant P, N / Boron, Phosphorus
5 Resistivity Ohm•cm 0.005 ~ 30
6 Carbon content, not more* at/cm3 5•1016
7 Oxygen content, not more* at/cm3 9•1017
8 Ingot length mm 150 - 900
9 Packaging The proper package which will provide for ingots integrity during transportation (polyethylene film, foam pencil cases, carton boxes on the pallet)
1. The Producer and Supplier is PJSC “Semiconductor plant”, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2. Feedstock is own IC-grade polycrystalline chunks.
3. All the parameters are measured according to ASTM (SEMI) standards.
4. Another parameters required by customer can be agreed.
* This parameter is ensured by polycrystalline silicon quality, can be measured on the monocrystalline wafers cut off from the ingot.

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