Slim rods (filaments)


characterizing range of slim rods parameters

Item Parameter Unit Value
1 Growth method FZ pedestal growth
2 Crystallinity Polycrystalline
3 Form of cross section Round, lightly oval (elliptic)
4 Difference between ellipse axes, not more mm 1
5 Diameter (ellipse minor axis) mm 8-12
6 Type / Dopant mm P, N / Boron, Phosphorus
7 Resistivity Ohm•cm 0.005 ~ 30
8 Slim rod length mm 400 - 2500
9 Packaging The proper package which will provide for slim rods integrity during transportation
1. The Producer and Supplier is PJSC “Semiconductor plant”, Zaporozhye, Ukraine.
2. Feedstock is own feed rod (pedestal), made with IC-grade polycrystalline chunks.
3. All the parameters are measured according to ASTM (SEMI) standards.
4. Another parameters required by customer can be agreed.

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